Smart Lighting Solutions

Smart lighting systems

A room's lighting profoundly affects the way it feels'. SQ Plus designs and installs lighting systems that, at the touch of a button, permit your home to take on a wide range of moods, enhancing the beauty of space, architectural features, even works of art.

A residential 'multi-media' room needs to change from being perfect for general activities, right through to 'just enough light to see the popcorn' during movies. Businesses are also starting to understand the value of orchestrated lighting, for the different requirements within the boardroom, restaurant or retail space.

Lighting control systems

Our integrated lighting units replace several dimmers or switches and offer pre-programmed 'scene control' for a room or group of rooms. Moving on a level, we can offer 'whole house' lighting systems, that once integrated to entertainment and security systems give unparalleled control and adjustability. 

To give you extensive control of your lighting and other electronics within the home, SQ Plus offers a wide range of programmable control devices. These can be as simple as a basic touchscreen to replace the seven remote controls for your home theatre or a more advanced system throughout the home to control a wide range of items. 

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