Leisure is an increasingly precious commodity. It is also a thriving and highly competitive industry where customers are no longer willing to accept mediocre environments in which to eat, drink and socialise with their friends.
Creatively designed lighting, combined with clear but non-intrusive sound and video systems, help create an atmosphere that will result in a venue or store that people keep coming back to time and time again.
And in the business world from huge corporations to tiny start-ups there is an increasing awareness of the need to make pitches and presentations that are interesting, professional and just that little bit different. A well-lit boardroom will improve people's moods and increase their concentration, while well designed and installed audio and video equipment will help your PowerPoint presentations shine, carrying home their intended message, and clinching that important deal or contract.
SQ Plus understanding of the retail environment, the different commercial entertainment sectors and requirements in the boardroom put us in a unique position. Modern businesses require audio-visual installations that will have that lasting impression. SQ Plus designs and installs systems that are not only durable and reliable but that enhance moving images and presentations with vivid realism and clear, involving sound. SQ Plus have now been involved in two BMW dealerships, one having 29 TV screens, audio throughout, board room with screen and projector and fully automated.