Churches And Halls

Booking a hall or a church can make them come in use for many kinds of special events. Our services at SQ Plus will let you transform the look of the hall completely and make it perfect for any kind of event taking place.
Having the right lighting is an essential part of a successful interior design. It can give any room or hall a feeling of well-being and comfort. The use of good sound systems, in any event, is also essential nowadays, otherwise, the audience might not pay as much attention. Choosing the right kind of lighting, projectors, sound systems and screens can completely change the mood of a room, and also have a noticeable effect on the perceived size of the room. 
We pay special emphasis on the placement of the lighting and sound systems, as well as on the types of technology we’re using. We offer a wide range of color selections and the physical appearance of the systems we’re using. Our team of experience workers will ensure that all wiring/connections are made properly and do not cause any problem during the event. They are open to new ideas and will prepare the hall according to how you want it to be.
At SQ Plus, we consider all aspects of interior design and try to offer you a unique, memorable experience. We’re definitely the best choice for you!