First Fix Cabling

In the electrical installation, "first fixing” is a construction/house-building term that means putting the cables in place. It is the first stage of the installation and it involves laying the cables in floors, walls, and ceilings and putting the "back boxes" of the sockets, fittings, and switches in place.  
First, fix cabling is basically the preparatory stage in the installation process, and we consider it to be the most important one. This is because once everything has been installed and the construction process is complete, we wouldn’t want our customers to worry about any technical problems that could arise in the future.
We prioritize the satisfaction of our customers and offer our clients with a unique customer service experience. Our team of electricians are professionals who have a wide experience in this field. They will install the right cables for all of your working systems. They are trained to focus on every step and perform each part with full efficiency and concentration. 
At SQ Plus, we ensure the working of your systems in the long term by making sure that the installation process is done properly. Our team uses the right kind of cables that will be perfect for all of your technology connections. They design the right plan for installing the cables and then install the cables safely and efficiently. Trust us on this, and we’ll give you an experience unlike any other!

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First fix cabling