Home Cinema

Imagine the experience of watching a movie in your own home, with picture and sound to rival the best commercial cinemas, along with your choice of food, wine, and audience! Or the thrill of playing the latest PS4, Xbox title, with crisp sound effects, displayed on a nine-foot screen.

Home cinema installation

SQ Plus are aware that not everyone wants their house to look like a bachelor apartment and so works with you to design and install a home theatre experience that will perfectly match your requirements. We are experts in making sure that our installations are hidden within the modern home, complementing rather than competing with your existing interior decor and architectural style.

If you have no fixed idea of how you want things to look, SQ Plus can assist in designing and specifying everything from the audio-visual hardware configurations to your choice of furniture, curtains, wall and floor coverings.

Home cinema theatre

As well as discreet packages we also specialise in dedicated personal theatres. From a small converted space for an audience of two to a multi-tiered amphitheatre, we will have an answer. 
Combining options such as twinkling star ceiling popcorn machines and movie posters with beautiful aesthetics and superior design we can create a magical space for you and your family to experience many happy hours of first-rate entertainment.