Multi-Room Audio And Video

Try to imagine high-quality music - or music and video - at the touch of a button, in every room of the house. We can integrate systems in the sauna and out on the patio for those sunny Sunday afternoons. Music no longer needs to be restricted to the lounge and dining room. 

Multi-room audio video distribution system

Multi-room systems permit several rooms to play different sources simultaneously. This means that you could choose to listen to Sting in the kitchen, as the other half relaxes to Vivaldi in the lounge, while your daughter listens to Radio 1 in her bedroom (SQ Plus also sell a wide range of noise-cancelling headphones!).

Flexibility and design

As well as the convenience and flexibility, multi-room systems also have the advantage of being room friendly. Gone is the need to have all of your hi-fi equipment racked. up in the corner with the proverbial bird's nest of cables and dominating speakers. We can install custom made wall controllers in any finish to match your room's style and ultra-discreet speaker systems that fit flush into the ceiling or hang on the wall like pictures. And all this without compromising sound quality. 

Audio video control

Using wall-mounted keypads, remote control handsets or even touch screens, you can alter the volume, change radio and TV stations or control your favourite DVD from anywhere in your home. It brings new levels of convenience, control, and quality of your audio-visual enjoyment. So if it tickles your fancy you can now watch the first half of Pearl Harbour in the home theatre downstairs, and the second on a plasma screen in the comfort of your bedroom. Once experienced, your multi-room audio and video system will quickly become something you'll wonder how you ever did without.